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Symfony Application Development
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Symfony 2 Framework

Prolix Technikos is a web development company offering its services based on Symfony framework, the most innovative technology used to develop complex web solutions. We choose Symfony due to its obvious advantages: it reduces workflow, cuts down development costs and let’s build applications without loss of quality. It provides an architecture, components and tools for developers to build complex web applications faster.

The creators of Symfony have picked up the best of other frameworks and the result is a great framework to build sophisticated, maintainable, extendable and scalable applications using php. Symfony follows the MVC paradigm, it keeps code maintainable, and heavily minimizes the number of repetitive tasks that need to be performed while building and maintaining the application.

Symfony is very well suited for building applications in the enterprise context. with its enforcement of the mvc paradigm, configuration controls over libraries and databases, extensive debug and documentation tools, and ability to play with various relational databases, it is an excellent choice to build the most complex of web applications. Symfony has a lot of useful and lively developed plugins. For example, a plugin for Twitter, Facebook or a plugin for user authorization. This facilitates rapid application development(RAD) without compromising on the flexibility or customizability.

We at Prolix, are experts at designing and implementing great solutions using Symfony. Our portfolio in Symfony is a testimony to the expertise we have when it comes to developing large scale web applications in Symfony. Whether you are looking for a travel site, a social network, an ERP system or any other kind of web application, trust us to come up with a robust and intelligent solution for your application using Symfony. Prolix Offers Symfony based product development, Migration of your legacy application to Symfony based PHP5 Application, PHP development in Symfony, Symfony Application Audits, Convetion of your old Symfony Web.