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Quality Policy: Strengthen & Secure your application.
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Why Choose Us?
Prolix Technikos - Qaulity Policy

Deliver best products, software solutions and services, on time with quality, and as per customer expectations

Prolix has attained vast experience in providing software services and solutions to its clients across the globe in the last 4 years which reflects our versatility in servicing customer requirements.

We strive to serve our clients better on every project and are always climbing one step on the ladder of customer service by delivering more than their expectation. Customer Delight is our true achievement; and this we achieve through our high quality services.

We aim at delivering superior quality projects by imbibing these parameters in house through:

  • Ease and comfort of communication.
  • Flexibility in managing your development team
  • Improvement of process
  • High team spirit
  • Creative ideas generation regarding improvement of your product.
  • Smart working culture rather than over working.
  • HR initiatives in improving employees overall quality of life
  • Cost control measures for profit sustainability.
  • Complying with work, health, safety and professional norms.
  • We work with a vision of long term business relationship.
  • Full support even after completing project.
Other Services
High Quality Study
Prolix has the team of developers having a minimum qualification of Bachelors degree in computer science, who are poured with basic knowledge of internet technologies & programming which are upgrading time to time.
Storage Engines
Prolix is flexible in terms of using storage engines, and has been involved in providing suggestions to use specific storage engines depending upon the project requirements. MySql, MongoDB, Postgres, Redis, Oracle, MsSql are already been used.
Сloud Storage
Prolix has extensive knowledge of using cloud computing, cloud storage and has been using Amazon web services, Digital Ocean cloud computing servers including load balancers for stability and flexibility of the application.
Open Community
Prolix developers do also works for communities of Symfony, Limesurvey projects on which we do work, posts issues, do take part in the conversations of the features or issues, do provide solutions, and many of the code has been approved so far.
Work On Time
We do care of the deadlines, and business of our clients, by delivering the tested and quality application on time considering their future plans of making the project a big hit. Thanks to our clients with their clear requirements.
Highload Websites
Developed the high reliable applications using technologies to balance the server load and provide high performance to each and every concurrent users of our applications. It has been proven from the least number of complaints from clients.